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The Basics of the IMVU and Ways to Earn IMVU Credits

  • Tom 
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In the game IMVU; you play online as 3D avatar characters that interact with other players in a virtual chat world. In order to be able to play the game successfully you have to make use of IMVU credits for various in-game purchases. Without these credits you can’t really make it very far in the game.
Let’s further discuss more about what activities you’ll be able to do while playing IMVU.

The Fantasy World of IMVU

IMVU is an amazing fantasy world that you can get lost in and live the life of your dreams. You are able
to get married in the game and you can even adopt babies!

Shop ‘Til you Drop & Play Dress Up!

Fashion is a really big deal in the IMVU game, and you will want to style your character in the hottest outfits and fashion to stand out from the others.  You can even sell your old clothing and accessories to other players in the game.

Welcome to IMVU

Create your fantasy character, and bring them to life! Fill out the IMVU sign up fields, and find out more about the fun that you are missing out on! Once you complete the download for IMVU, you will be given a tutorial so that you will know exactly what to do in the game.

After the tutorial is completed, you will be able to travel the world and visit the shops, as well as meet other people in the world. There are various different 3D chatrooms that you will be able to go in and chat with others. IMVU owns some of the chat rooms, but many of the chat rooms are owned by other players.

Creating your own room is easy, fun, and free to do in IMVU. You get to start up with a penthouse room and invite people to your room to chat!

Earning IMVU Credits

IMVU credits buy many things for your characters in the game. There are also a number of different ways that you can earn these credits on the IMVU website. There are ads available on the website that allows you to earn free IMVU credits to use within the game. You can watch videos that all you to earn about 10+ credits, and you can also receive daily login rewards for 500 credits (for each day that you log in).

IMVU give credits for special promo offers that you can only spend once you have used up all of your normal credits. While getting credits for IMVU in the ways mentioned above, you also have the option to purchase a VIP member ship, which costs a monthly fee. Depending on the VIP pack you choose will determine how much your payment is.

The $9.99 per month plan will get you 5,000 VIP credits per month. If you pay $25 for 3 months, then you will earn 15,600 credits all at once for those three months paid in advance. Then there is the grand $75 payment per year that gets you $73,200 credits for the year!