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Idle Heroes Hack – One of the Best Hacks Available

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Discussing Gameplay

Let’s go ahead and further discuss the gameplay just in case you are a newbie but you are interested in the game. While this is mainly about the available hack, we sort of need to start from the beginning so that this all comes together so that you get the bigger picture.


So gold is the main currency that is uses in the game and it helps you buying a lot of things. Without it, you can’t really do much of anything, and you can’t get very far in the game. Some of the things that you are able to buy in Idle Heroes includes Summon Scrolls, hero gear, and other equipment. There are tasks that you will need to complete in order to earn your gold for the gameplay. The tasks to be completed include arena battles, campaign missions, and event missions. The methods are of gameplay for earning your gold can take up quite a bit of time, and sometimes players don’t play for a while or get discouraged from playing altogether because they don’t always have the money to purchase the things that they need to play the game. While the missions are time consuming, they also don’t always reward you with the amount of gold that you need to purchase the gear or other gameplay items that you need.

Solution for not enough gold

With that being said, a quick fix for getting the amount of gold that you need infinitely is by using the Idle Heroes Hack which will allow you to. There is actually a new hack for 2019 that is easy to use. When using the tool, all you need to do is enter the amount of gold that you want to have credited to your account.


With gems, you are able to purchase things in the game that you cannot purchase with gold. This means that you need gems just as much as you need gold in the game. Gems can also be used to buy gold after you have accumulated a certain amount of it. To collect gems, you need to complete daily quests as well as watch ads in between gameplay to build your gems up. It can be a bit tedious because you have to earn more gems the further along you get in the game. Earning gems quicker might mean that you have to spend some real cash if you don’t like the slow accumulation of earning from watching ads or completing missions. The Idle Heroes cheat engine can help with this. By using the cheat engine you will be able to receive an unlimited amount of gems to use on any and everything that requires games in the game. When using the cheat, no one will be able to detect that you are using it, so you will be able to avoid being banned from the game.

Summon Scrolls

The Summon Scrolls are used for the purpose of summoning heroes that you can use in your gameplay quests and fights. The characters that you receive in the summons are rated by their abilities, how good of a fighter they are. In this case you will find that they are rated 3, 4 or 5 stars. You have the highest chance of receiving a 3 star character during most summons, which are typically the characters that aren’t very strong or talented. For 5 star characters, you have about a 2% chance at getting one. So when you do receive a 5 star character it’s quite rewarding and exciting.

Prophet Orbs

When using the Prophet Orbs you have a chance of receiving a 4 star character each time, guaranteed. These, as well as the Summon Scrolls can be purchase with the use of gem and gold. However, if you have access to an unlimited amount of gems and gold, then you should have no problem getting all of the 4 star heroes that you want. Idle Heroes exploits help you to be stress free and get what you want without having to work too hard in gameplay.

PVP and PVE Missions

If you want to take part in playing PVP battles and PVE missions, then you’ll need to be prepared. You’ll first want to make sure that you have at least 18 heroes to use for both gameplay setups. If you have several, you will want to choose your strongest players to work with.

When playing raids you need to take the missions objective a bit more seriously than some of the other missions since you have the ability to receive more points and other objects that are beneficial to you during gameplay. In this case you will only want to use 4 star characters or higher when fighting in these mission battles. For standard missions you can receive anywhere from a 3-4 star character. Keep in mind that you will need to try and regularly upgrade the gear for your heroes to make them strong since the levels only get harder and harder.

For Idle Heroes how to get 10 star you will need to continue to level your players up as well as advance them by continuously upgrading their gear. This is time consuming, so you will need to be patient, but as you use the hack, you can get all the gems and gold that you need to level your character up even quicker than usual so keep that in mind.